We have achieved since July 2017 a quality work with our employees, suppliers and partners, to anchor our identity and values, to improve our processes and to defend our responsible corporate role in a context of economic upheaval.

In May 2018, after a very strict audit, carried out by ECOCERT, PMC Lingerie becomes the 6th textile company to have obtained the labeling of entrepreneurial and environmental quality from the Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of France (FEEF). It is part of the guidelines of ISO 26000, the international reference for CSR.

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CSR is now an integral part of the corporate world. Our ambition is to become a sustainable and responsible company.

We are in a structural and qualitative change of current consumption: quest for meaning, pleasure, authenticity, proximity, environmental protection and health are now at the heart of consumer expectations. That is the reason why we entered a CSR approach.

“The adventure is well underway”



PMC Lingerie is committed every days: the respect of Human & its environment are not just words.



First of all, PMC Lingerie a team of passionate women and men, where the smile and goodwill have a place of honor in everyday life.

It cultivates the difference, team cohesion & sharing, both on the safeguarding of know-how, and on the highlighting of employees.

Attached to highlight the personalities, PMC Lingerie is committed to the principle of non-discrimination. It also promotes the employment of students, by offering them internship or work-study assignments, where they are trained in different trades. It is a first step towards employment, professionalization and the development of future talents.

Concerned with the well-being of everyone and the preservation of the planet, it is TOGETHER that we engage in everyday life.


PMC Lingerie does not forget those who are in need and regularly participates in various causes, with some material and monetary donations. We act with different foundations, as: